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We offer processing of feasibility studies in the field of construction of machines and equipment, jigs for production, handling and control processes.


We also create studies related to the automation and robotization of production and control processes and lines.



We are engaged in research activities in the fields of mechanical engineering, machine design, drives, automation and robotics.

In cooperation with our partners from the University of West Bohemia, we participate in solving research tasks in the field of robotics - research and development of our own robots and robotic manipulators for very special applications in the production of microelectronics, in the nuclear industry and other industries.


We also offer strength analysis and kinematic simulations. It is a necessary tool in the development of a wide range of equipment, which allows us to evaluate the properties of the structure at an early stage of design and identify possible risks of failure. The importance of using the strength analysis grows with the size and complexity of the developed systems. The kinematic simulation provides significant savings in the development and production of prototypes.


We offer:

  • Strength analysis

  • Modal analysis

  • Optimization of existing and newly designed products

  • Simulation of motion of mechanisms

  • Simulation of collisions during assembly




One of the main activities of our company is custom development and design in a wide range of engineering industries. We provide comprehensive services from conception, design, through construction, to the creation of drawing documentation according to ČSN EN ISO and ASME standards.


Our design and development office is equipped with modern CAD workplaces enabling efficient 3D design with interconnection to 2D documentation.


We are able to perform work not only in the premises of our company, which provides us with quality facilities for our activities, but also directly at the customer’s, according to his requirements and possibilities.


We will create a design and a parametric model for you as part of the construction, from which we will make production and technical drawing documentation. The drawing documentation provided by us contains all the requisites according to ČSN and ANSI standards and is immediately usable in production.


We will be happy to participate in the development of your machine or equipment, but we will also be happy to focus on the development of partial components, or just the creation of documentation.


The result of the standard order will be a parametric 3D model, which can be always changed in the future according to your needs. 2D drawing documentation connected with a 3D model, created according to the ISO EN, DIN or ASME standard. By agreement, it is also possible to create a kinematic model or visualization (photorealistic images) for your presentation and marketing needs. It is possible to deliver a complete report based on your specified needs. Everything can be delivered in both paper and digital form as well.


If necessary, we provide an authorized static calculation for building structures.



Our activities are directly related to the production of products that we develop, and custom-made products that are developed according to a customer's order. We also offer the possibility of manufacturing products according to customer’s documentation.

We carry out production and assembly of both – simpler machinery or jigs and complex machines as well, including equipment with drives (pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical), electrical equipment, control, etc.


We use a wide range of technologies:

  • CNC vertical machining center

  • Conventional machining of parts (milling, turning, cutting, drilling)

  • Welding (steel, aluminum, stainless steel)

  • 3D printing of plastics (FDM and SLA technology)

  • Production of plastic castings for silicone molds

  • Assembly, including assembly at the customer’s

  • Surface treatments in cooperation (anodizing, powder coating, galvanizing, etc.)

  • Commissioning of machines, including wiring, installation of pneumatic and hydraulic drives, etc.


Our GOAL IS TO ENSURE COMPLETE PRODUCTION OF A MACHINERY, including the necessary documentation.


We offer machining of individual parts and small series on a CNC vertical machining center with dimensions of machining space 762 x 406 x 508 mm. We specialize in piece orders, which we implement in a reasonable time.

We machine most of the common materials such as common structural steels, heat-treated steels, aluminum alloys, plastics and artificial wood.

In case of special requirements that cannot be implemented by us, we cooperate with our partners.

Conventional machining and production

We use standard machine tools and locksmith machines for production. e.g:

  • Lathe with digital measuring

  • Universal console milling machine with digital measuring

  • Band Saw

  • Column drill

  • Profile and pipe press bending machine

  • Profile and tube roll bending machine

and more.


We use Rapid prototyping for the implementation of test parts, boxes, covers and holders. It is a set of technologies for very efficient (fast and cheap) production of parts, which can either be directly fully functional and their properties are close to the final product, or serve to verify the shape and assembly. We use 3D printing technology SLA and FDM and equipment for vacuum casting of plastics, which allows us to produce parts in small series (dozens of pieces).


Our equipment for 3D printing:

  • 3D printer with FDM technology (Fused Deposition Modeling) - printing with fused material

This technology enables the production of very complex shapes, including fully functional non-detachable assemblies, and the production of functional mechanisms and their parts.

The printing time takes hours to tens of hours depending on the size of the part (the time can be determined very accurately after calculating the print data).

Selection of various materials for printing, including color variants.

High-quality surface treatment of parts is possible.


  • 3D printer with SLA (Stereolithography) technology - The technology is based on a liquid light-sensitive resin that solidifies when activated by a laser

The advantage is high accuracy, the possibility of printing with transparent materials and flexible materials.

The disadvantage is the higher cost of printing.

rapid prototyping
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